Now available Anna’s Destiny – Faith Creek Brides #4

I’m pleased to say that Mail Order Bride: Anna’s Destiny is now available.
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Welcome to Faith Creek, where people’s dreams have a habit of coming true! From the early prospectors and trappers, to the busy and prosperous community that seems to get bigger every day, people from all corners of the world have found their way to this sleepy part of Texas. The railway is nearly in town, and everyone seems to be falling in love.

Anna Hatzidakis has come a long way, and suddenly finds herself alone in a land where she has nobody but her young son Taki to care for her. Tragically widowed within weeks of her arrival in America from her homeland in Greece, she is struggling to make ends meet and make a life for her and her boy. But by chance she finds a solution, and prays that a new husband will be the answer to her prayers. But will she let go of her guilt and give herself permission to love again having lost her beloved Costa?

Will Ryan is a busy man. He has a farm that he has finally managed to get in good heart, and is one of the town deputies. He is gentle and the kind of man who can always be relied upon to help anyone in trouble. When Anna responds to his advertisement for a bride he knows he must help her – even if it costs him the chance to love again. He prays that if he can make this sweet woman’s life better that he will finally achieve redemption from his own past. But can he really ever forget and forgive himself for what happened to Alice?

Now available ‘Carolynne’s Destiny – Faith Creek Brides #3’

I’m pleased to say that ‘Mail Order Bride: Carolynne’s Destiny’ is now available.
Click Here to buy now.

Bored and lonely New York socialite, Carolynne Forbes, longs to leave her wealthy past behind her and become a musician. She has both the talent and the dedication required, but does not know how to defy her family’s expectations, or Society’s rules. But a chance meeting with an acknowledged rake sparks her courage to find out if she truly does have what it takes. But can she convince him that he is as deserving of happiness and fulfilment in his own life too?

Elliot Grady is wealthy, charming and very clever. But his life has always bored him. Secretly he has always longed for the life of a writer, but has always dismissed it from his mind as he pursued an existence filled with shooting parties and balls, pretty girls and gambling. But his meeting Miss Forbes reminds him that he too once had ambitions, and that he has been a fool to let them go. He takes his own advice, and ignores the conventions that his own wealthy Boston background has dictated and takes to the road. But will he convince himself that he is good enough to wed the woman he loves?

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