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Faith Creek is getting busy, welcoming newcomers and finding that the more people arrive the better things get. Each new addition to the town brings new skills and new perspectives, new hopes and new dreams. Every new shop needs new staff, and those already there need to expand and grow. For some this little town is the answer to a question they simply didn’t know they needed to ask!

Sarah Clinton has lived in Faith Creek her entire life. Her family were among the very first people to arrive and settle in the then wild and untamed land. Quiet and shy, she finds her place working for Maeve Fountain and begins to wish she had the feisty woman’s determination and spirit. Taking her destiny in her own hands, she responds to an advertisement, hoping to find the happiness so many around her in Faith Creek have done, but can she trust that he truly wants her and not her effervescent and amiable employer?

Wilbur Franklin has always wanted a simple life. As a Montana banking clerk he can understand what draws people to up sticks and change everything in their lives, but has always felt he lacked the courage to do something so drastic, so brave, so reckless himself. But a friendship made as he tried to find himself a bride leads him to do just that. But, will his gamble pay off?

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