Mail Order Bride: Carolyn Finds Love
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Faith Creek is a busy little town. The railway has come to this secluded and untamed part of Texas, and is bringing with it brave women with a view to taming the wild men who have made Faith Creek their home. Finding love and happiness is more than many of the townsfolk ever thought they would find, but cupid has a way of making life wonderful for even the most unlikely candidates!

Harriet Kirk has spent a lifetime being overlooked. Though she adores her sister, Annalise who is beautiful and urbane, confident and accomplished in every situation, Harriet is tired of always being compared unfavourably to her. Clever and quick, practical and sensible Harriet has always felt like an ugly duckling, but it has never stopped her from wanting the happily ever after that her sister always seemed destined for. But an unusual twist in their fates has them taking their destiny into their own hands, but will it end in happiness for Harriet, or for Annalise?

Brandon Willis has never wanted for anything, but he has always been determined to serve his community. He loves his work, driving the stage coach across the State, and assisting his great friend, Sheriff John Kimball, as one of the town’s Deputy Sheriffs. But he is starting to notice the loneliness that marks his days. But, will he ever put himself first long enough to find a woman to love, or will his desire to help be his undoing?

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