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Faith Creek is a friendly place and has attracted many people to make their new lives there. Romance has blossomed, but for some the path to true love is not always easy. Hurdles abound, causing difficulties down the generations.

Rose Unwin married young, and learned to regret her choice. But, she was still heartbroken when her husband died in a tragic accident. Unwilling to make the same mistakes again, she decides to take her time this time around, but how will she know if she has made the right choice?

Andrew Davey finds himself at a crossroads. His employer, mentor and friend has passed away, making his future in Faith Creek tenuous at best. But, nonetheless he agrees to help a friend to locate the heir to Mortimer Welsh’s estate. Little does he know that his entire life is about to be turned upside down as old truths surface and new connections seemed doomed before they have even begun.

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