I’m pleased to say that ‘Mail Order Bride: Isabelle’s Destiny’ is now available.
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Isabelle Landry is beautiful, wealthy and courted within the highest echelons of Massachusetts’ society. But every man her Mama thinks a suitable match, she finds dull and often repulsive. She longs for a simpler life, one where her worth has nothing to do with her annual income, or her vast inheritance. A new friend gives her the confidence to follow her own path, and she answers an advertisement, praying it might change her life forever.
John Kimball has become a lone wolf. Strong and quiet, he drives the Stage coach, delivers the mail and keeps himself to himself. But even a lone wolf needs a mate. A chance encounter makes him realise that his life isn’t as good as he has led himself to believe, and putting past heartache behind him he decides to take on the challenge of becoming the new Sheriff of Faith Creek. As he faces his first challenges in keeping the town free from a gang of vicious bandits he also hopes to find love.

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