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Welcome to Faith Creek, a burgeoning town in the heart of Texas. For many it has become a sanctuary, a place to escape from a dull grey existence in the East, whilst others are trying to run from a mysterious and traumatic past. The strong men and feisty women who have made this little town, long for love and family, but many fear they will never find it, or don’t deserve it.

Maeve Fitzpatrick has always been brave. Moving from Ireland to America was just a big adventure to her, but the reality has turned out to be so much less than she imagined. Living in grey and dreary Pittsburgh is hardly her dream come true! But she is not one to ever give up on herself, or her goals and so she places an advertisement to find herself a husband, eager for the opportunity that another change of scenery might bring. But, there are obstacles to face she had never considered, obstacles she cannot change alone.

Jesse Fountain has a great job, working for a man he admires and respects, and after many years of wandering has finally found the place he wants to call home. Faith Creek has welcomed him with open arms, and he is found well enough that he wants to build his own home and fill the rooms with a wife and children. But his past is always lurking, always threatening to resurface. Will he ever allow himself to take the biggest risk of all? To leave it all behind him and allow himself to love and be loved?

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