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From the humblest of beginnings as a mining settlement Faith Creek has thrown open its arms and welcomed all manner of folk. Brave and adventurous souls came seeking their fortunes in the silver rush. But since the railway came the town has seen many come for different reasons. No longer out to find riches in the hills they come now to build new lives, seeking their freedom, and seeking love.

Prudence Wimbourne is a ballet dancer, but a terrible accident ends her career abruptly. Now all her hard work and the sacrifices made by her and her family feel as though they have been for nothing. She longs to escape, and to find a new life with a man who understands how hard it is for her to leave everything behind.

Matthew Carrington longs to find a place he might call home. Tired of never having a home and travelling from town to town as a member of a travelling troupe of actors he has saved his earnings, but never knew what to do with them until he meets some of the townsfolk of Faith Creek and knows he could make a life there. But as he builds his own theater, he realizes that there is still something missing.

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