Now available Maeve’s Destiny – Faith Creek Brides #8

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Welcome to Faith Creek, a burgeoning town in the heart of Texas. For many it has become a sanctuary, a place to escape from a dull grey existence in the East, whilst others are trying to run from a mysterious and traumatic past. The strong men and feisty women who have made this little town, long for love and family, but many fear they will never find it, or don’t deserve it.

Maeve Fitzpatrick has always been brave. Moving from Ireland to America was just a big adventure to her, but the reality has turned out to be so much less than she imagined. Living in grey and dreary Pittsburgh is hardly her dream come true! But she is not one to ever give up on herself, or her goals and so she places an advertisement to find herself a husband, eager for the opportunity that another change of scenery might bring. But, there are obstacles to face she had never considered, obstacles she cannot change alone.

Jesse Fountain has a great job, working for a man he admires and respects, and after many years of wandering has finally found the place he wants to call home. Faith Creek has welcomed him with open arms, and he is found well enough that he wants to build his own home and fill the rooms with a wife and children. But his past is always lurking, always threatening to resurface. Will he ever allow himself to take the biggest risk of all? To leave it all behind him and allow himself to love and be loved?

Now available Clara’s Destiny – Faith Creek Brides #7

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Clara Warburton is strong willed and determined that being female should not hold her back. As a student at Stanford, she wishes she could continue to enjoy the freedoms she has found there. But Society frowns upon clever and ambitious women, and her Papa is determined she will now learn her place. But Clara is not the kind of girl to take ultimatums lying down and so sets a course of her own making. But will it all end well? Has she finally been too clever for her own happiness?

William Gilbert has travelled far and wide as an itinerant preacher and academic, but has finally found a place to call home. When asked to take up the role of minister in Faith Creek’s newly built church he didn’t hesitate to say yes. He’s seen many of the townsfolk find the love of their life, and wants to be the one facing the altar for a change, but will he get everything he dreams of?

Now available Harriet’s Destiny – Faith Creek Brides #6

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Faith Creek is a busy little town. The railway has come to this secluded and untamed part of Texas, and is bringing with it brave women with a view to taming the wild men who have made Faith Creek their home. Finding love and happiness is more than many of the townsfolk ever thought they would find, but cupid has a way of making life wonderful for even the most unlikely candidates!

Harriet Kirk has spent a lifetime being overlooked. Though she adores her sister, Annalise who is beautiful and urbane, confident and accomplished in every situation, Harriet is tired of always being compared unfavourably to her. Clever and quick, practical and sensible Harriet has always felt like an ugly duckling, but it has never stopped her from wanting the happily ever after that her sister always seemed destined for. But an unusual twist in their fates has them taking their destiny into their own hands, but will it end in happiness for Harriet, or for Annalise?

Brandon Willis has never wanted for anything, but he has always been determined to serve his community. He loves his work, driving the stage coach across the State, and assisting his great friend, Sheriff John Kimball, as one of the town’s Deputy Sheriffs. But he is starting to notice the loneliness that marks his days. But, will he ever put himself first long enough to find a woman to love, or will his desire to help be his undoing?

Now available Marietta’s Destiny – Faith Creek Brides #5

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Newcomers to Faith Creek seem to be arriving every day, all in search of adventure and of love. The railway has finally reached the town, and opening day brings excitement and surprises for many of the town’s residents old and new.

Ambassador’s daughter Marietta Winthrop has given up her own prospects of marriage and family to be a companion to her melancholic aunt. She secretly longs for adventure and the love of a man who won’t try and change her but knows she is hoping for too much. She knows that all the men of her acquaintance would banish poor Aunt Clara to a sanatorium and she will not let that happen. But keen of mind, and inspired by a special day spent at the botanic gardens Marietta begins to wonder if there just might be more to life after all.

Byron Hempthwaite is a disappointment, to his own parents at least. But he has never let it stop him from following his passions. A highly respected lepidopterist, he has found success and contentment, but he longs to find love too. But, just as he thinks he may have found such joy a family tragedy tears him away to Faith Creek, Texas. But, being so useless, he forgot to ask the love of his life for her hand in marriage before he left. He knows she is pretty and clever, witty and delightful, and why should she wait for him? Will he be too late to win the woman he loves back?

Now available Anna’s Destiny – Faith Creek Brides #4

I’m pleased to say that Mail Order Bride: Anna’s Destiny is now available.
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Welcome to Faith Creek, where people’s dreams have a habit of coming true! From the early prospectors and trappers, to the busy and prosperous community that seems to get bigger every day, people from all corners of the world have found their way to this sleepy part of Texas. The railway is nearly in town, and everyone seems to be falling in love.

Anna Hatzidakis has come a long way, and suddenly finds herself alone in a land where she has nobody but her young son Taki to care for her. Tragically widowed within weeks of her arrival in America from her homeland in Greece, she is struggling to make ends meet and make a life for her and her boy. But by chance she finds a solution, and prays that a new husband will be the answer to her prayers. But will she let go of her guilt and give herself permission to love again having lost her beloved Costa?

Will Ryan is a busy man. He has a farm that he has finally managed to get in good heart, and is one of the town deputies. He is gentle and the kind of man who can always be relied upon to help anyone in trouble. When Anna responds to his advertisement for a bride he knows he must help her – even if it costs him the chance to love again. He prays that if he can make this sweet woman’s life better that he will finally achieve redemption from his own past. But can he really ever forget and forgive himself for what happened to Alice?

Now available ‘Carolynne’s Destiny – Faith Creek Brides #3’

I’m pleased to say that ‘Mail Order Bride: Carolynne’s Destiny’ is now available.
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Bored and lonely New York socialite, Carolynne Forbes, longs to leave her wealthy past behind her and become a musician. She has both the talent and the dedication required, but does not know how to defy her family’s expectations, or Society’s rules. But a chance meeting with an acknowledged rake sparks her courage to find out if she truly does have what it takes. But can she convince him that he is as deserving of happiness and fulfilment in his own life too?

Elliot Grady is wealthy, charming and very clever. But his life has always bored him. Secretly he has always longed for the life of a writer, but has always dismissed it from his mind as he pursued an existence filled with shooting parties and balls, pretty girls and gambling. But his meeting Miss Forbes reminds him that he too once had ambitions, and that he has been a fool to let them go. He takes his own advice, and ignores the conventions that his own wealthy Boston background has dictated and takes to the road. But will he convince himself that he is good enough to wed the woman he loves?

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